Why Owners Need Professional Maintenance In Salt Lake City



Most property owners will tell you that finding the best resources is key when operating rental properties. After all, the wrong maintenance and repair workers can drain your resources through high prices, poor-quality repairs, and unreliable schedules that tax your relationships with your renters. 

Reeder Asset Management has insights into saving money on repair costs and avoiding expensive problems, like conducting too much rehab on a rental property. A Salt Lake City property management company with professional maintenance staff can be one of the best things owners do for their rentals and returns. Here are some of the ways that working with expert property managers increases efficiency and minimizes potential headaches!

Worker with helmet carrying ladder (R) (S)24/7 On-Call Help = No Midnight Calls for You

Having a central number where renters can call or an online portal to submit maintenance requests—rather than calling their landlord—is a real benefit of property management. Owners who have a single rental property may not get emergency calls often, but they live their lives knowing that one could come in at any time. 

Sending those calls or online requests to the property management maintenance staff allows owners to relax while professionals field calls during non-business hours. Maintenance professionals also ensure that all issues are addressed right away. While the best property managers absolutely keep you in the loop, they won’t interrupt your rest or leisure unless it is necessary.

Efficiency and Full-Time Experience Results In Fast, Good Work

A skilled property owner might handle small maintenance tasks from time to time. For more significant issues, you might need to enlist the help of a plumber or other contractor to complete a repair successfully. However, finding quality plumbers and contractors can be challenging. Coordinating repairs between vendors and renters become difficult, too. 

With the scale of work that the best property management companies Salt Lake City, UT offers can handle, they can hire team members specializing in repairs and maintenance coordination. These team members handle repairs full-time, giving them the experience and resources they need to care for your rentals properly. As a result, they can work faster and with a greater impact because they’ve developed the efficiencies that experience can provide. 

With professional maintenance staff, property owners also often experience substantial savings compared to DIY repairs and costly vendors. Improving your bottom line with better maintenance and property care is one of the many benefits of professional full-service property management!

Property Managers Are Hiring (So You Don’t Have To)

If you have many properties, you might feel like you can hire your own team to maintain properties and manage renters. While that is approach is possible, anyone who has done much hiring themselves will tell you that it can be its own can of worms. Assembling your team to manage multiple rentals means you also have to manage them and provide things like salaries and benefits to employees. 

Finding and vetting professionals takes time and resources that many real estate investors prefer not to pursue. However, with the right property manager, owners receive a fully-vetted team and network of maintenance contractors—without the additional work of hiring and managing that team. Instead, you can focus on finding new investment properties and spending time doing things you enjoy while your property management company takes care of your properties. 

Young plumber fixing a sink in bathroom (R) (S)Smart Purchasing and Professional Experience Boosts Your Returns

If you haven’t had to hire a vendor or DIY a wide range of home repairs, you may not realize what it takes to conduct thorough preventive maintenance and deliver excellent repairs. From purchasing materials and equipment to, finding the right repair professionals, maintenance is a year-round, full-time responsibility when operating rental properties. 

A property management team already has the experience you need to maximize your property maintenance budget and deliver quality services. We’ve seen what even the rarest repairs and maintenance needs should cost, so we know when we see a good deal versus a bad one, and we help you avoid getting ripped off.

We also deliver something that helps us build strong relationships with the best contractors in Salt Lake City: consistent, long-term work. By managing many different properties, we can deliver consistent preventive maintenance and repair work to reliable, vetted contractors that we trust to provide quality work. As a result, we negotiate a bulk discount whenever we can to help rental property owners save money (without sacrificing quality). 

Get the Benefits of Professional Maintenance Staff With Salt Lake City Property Management

Property management services include so much more than just maintenance, but the maintenance aspect is key for successful property owners. How your property looks and keeps residents safe can encourage more renewals and boost your bottom line, your renters will have. Reeder Asset Management helps real estate investors experience better maintenance services while reducing costs and minimizing headaches. Reach out to learn more about the best property management company Salt Lake City offers and our professional maintenance services.


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Reeder Asset Management on November 18, 2021