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Whether you have one property or twenty, you need full-service, Salt Lake City property management from experienced investors who have been there, done that, and seen it all! At Reeder Asset Management, we stand above the competition in Utah because we provide property management services by investors, for investors—and we treat your properties as if they were our own.

If you’re ready for a higher standard of Salt Lake City property management, turn your properties—and your worries—over to Reeder Asset Management! You’ll enjoy our frustration-free approach to full-service property management, including leasing services like marketing all the way to monthly rent collection—and beyond! It’s time to experience the Reeder Asset Management difference: it’s time for a superior investing experience.

Frustration Free Property Management Services
  • Investment Property Management with state of the art software
  • Continued compliance with both federal and state including up to date forms
  • Provide dedicated Property Management Professionals
  • Provide detailed day to day information including maintenance orders, invoices, etc.
  • Provide guidance regarding needed property updates to help rent your property
  • Provide an unbiased 3rd party inspection
  • Owner Happiness Guarantee
  • Positive Results Guarantee
Advanced Rental Marketing
  • Property price analysis giving you the best pricing options
  • Quality marketing photos and video
  • Professional showings of your property
  • Owner updates on the status of vacancies
  • 30+ syndicated websites and multiple other social media postings
  • Listed on vacancy page
15 Point Tenant Screening
  • Social Security Number / Date of Birth
  • Government Issued Id
  • Credit Score
  • Evictions
  • National Criminal Search
  • Nation Sex Offender Search
  • Bankruptcy
  • Foreclosure
  • Current/Past Delinquent accounts
  • Employment verification
  • Income verification
  • Debt to Income ratio
  • Previous Landlords verification
  • Public Records
  • Social Media
Lease Signing and Tenant Move In
  • Quality Tenant Screened and Approval
  • Ensure the unit is move in ready
  • Sign all required up to date legal documentation with tenant
  • Re-Key each unit prior to move in
  • Require tenant to fill out and return condition report within 3 days from move in
  • Also require tenant to sign off on cleanliness report within 3 days from move in
  • We maintain the required Escrow Account for all deposits
Monthly Rent Collection
  • We offer tenants an Echeck (ACH transfer) to pay rent easily from home
  • We also encourage tenants to set up an auto-payment for convenience
  • We offer tenants to use a debit/credit card rent payment if desired
  • Proactive approach to collect rent on time including auto reminders
  • Expense controls with maintenance limits for owners approval
  • Monthly direct deposit of owner proceeds
  • Advanced Property Management Software
  • Set up reoccurring owner expenses i.e. mortgage, insurance, HOA dues, etc.
  • Detailed documentation of expenses
  • Maintain records of all income and expenses
  • Monthly report of income and expenses
  • Yearend financial report and 1099 statement
24/7 Maintenance
  • We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for Tenant emergencies and work orders
  • Tenant and Owner are assigned a Maintenance Coordinator that will address necessity, urgency & responsibility
  • Maintenance Coordinators work with Tenant to troubleshoot the problem first over the phone or by video feed
  • Schedule Work Order with Vendor & Tenant
  • If work exceeds Maintenance Limit Amount, Coordinators halt work and reach out to Owner for permission to continue
  • Completed work orders and corresponding bills & invoices are attached to the monthly statement and emailed to Owner as well as uploaded to Owner Portal
Tenant Move Out
  • Comprehensive unlimited point inspection of all details in the property
  • Unlimited pictures and video of condition at move out
  • Side by side comparison move in/out condition reports
  • Coordinate all work required for the property to be rent ready with in 1-2 weeks from move out
  • Process all vendor invoice and tenant charges when needed
  • Close out accounting and disburse tenant deposit within state guidelines

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