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Why use Reeder Asset Management

Frustration Free Property Management Services+

  • Investment Property Management with state of the art software
  • Continued compliance with both federal and state including up to date forms
  • Provide dedicated Property Management Professionals
  • Provide detailed day to day information including maintenance orders, invoices, etc.
  • Provide guidance regarding needed property updates to help rent your property
  • Provide an unbiased 3rd party inspection
  • Owner Happiness Guarantee
  • Positive Results Guarantee

Advanced Rental Marketing+

  • Property price analysis giving you the best pricing options
  • Quality marketing photos and video
  • Professional showings of your property
  • Owner updates on the status of vacancies
  • 30+ syndicated websites and multiple other social media postings
  • Listed on vacancy page

15 Point Tenant Screening+

  • Social Security Number / Date of Birth
  • Government Issued Id
  • Credit Score
  • Evictions
  • National Criminal Search
  • Nation Sex Offender Search
  • Bankruptcy
  • Foreclosure
  • Current/Past Delinquent accounts
  • Employment verification
  • Income verification
  • Debt to Income ratio
  • Previous Landlords verification
  • Public Records
  • Social Media

Lease Signing and Tenant Move In+

  • Quality Tenant Screened and Approval
  • Ensure the unit is move in ready
  • Sign all required up to date legal documentation with tenant
  • Re-Key each unit prior to move in
  • Require tenant to fill out and return condition report within 3 days from move in
  • Also require tenant to sign off on cleanliness report within 3 days from move in
  • We maintain the required Escrow Account for all deposits

Monthly Rent Collection+

  • We offer tenants an Echeck (ACH transfer) to pay rent easily from home
  • We also encourage tenants to set up an auto-payment for convenience
  • We offer tenants to use a debit/credit card rent payment if desired
  • Proactive approach to collect rent on time including auto reminders


  • Expense controls with maintenance limits for owners approval
  • Monthly direct deposit of owner proceeds
  • Advanced Property Management Software
  • Set up reoccurring owner expenses i.e. mortgage, insurance, HOA dues, etc.
  • Detailed documentation of expenses
  • Maintain records of all income and expenses
  • Monthly report of income and expenses
  • Yearend financial report and 1099 statement

24/7 Maintenance+

  • We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for Tenant emergencies and work orders
  • Tenant and Owner are assigned a Maintenance Coordinator that will address necessity, urgency & responsibility
  • Maintenance Coordinators work with Tenant to troubleshoot the problem first over the phone or by video feed
  • Schedule Work Order with Vendor & Tenant
  • If work exceeds Maintenance Limit Amount, Coordinators halt work and reach out to Owner for permission to continue
  • Completed work orders and corresponding bills & invoices are attached to the monthly statement and emailed to Owner as well as uploaded to Owner Portal

Tenant Move Out+

  • Comprehensive unlimited point inspection of all details in the property
  • Unlimited pictures and video of condition at move out
  • Side by side comparison move in/out condition reports
  • Coordinate all work required for the property to be rent ready with in 1-2 weeks from move out
  • Process all vendor invoice and tenant charges when needed
  • Close out accounting and disburse tenant deposit within state guidelines

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