Our Guarantees of Service


‘Love us or leave us’ Guarantee

Owner Happiness Guarantee
We don’t put our owners in long-term contracts so, if for any reason you are not completely happy with our services and want to leave us, you may cancel your property management agreement without penalty. 

Smart Screen Tenant Guarantee

Owner Lease Guarantee

We stand behind our tenant screening process with our Smart-Screen Tenant Guarantee! If we place a tenant in your property that results in an eviction for nonpayment of rent, we will replace the tenant for free.

Owner Lease Guarantee is included in our Lease and our Management plans.


Pay for Performance Guarantee

Owner Positive Results Guarantee

We don’t get paid until we produce results! Reeder Asset Management provides our expert leasing services upfront. We require no fees until we place a qualified tenant into your property.



No Vendor Mark Up Guarantee

Exclusive No Vendor Mark Up Guarantee
Exclusive No Vendor Mark Up GuaranteeCoordinating work orders between vendor, tenant and owner can be very time consuming. Vendor coordination is included in our Platinum Management plan. 



Pet Guarantee

Pet GuaranteeWe screen pets as seriously as we screen human tenants! If you opt to allow pets, we will cover up to $2000 in pet damage for any pet that went through our screening process together with the prospective tenant. *does not apply to service animals per Fair Housing rules.

Pet GuaranteeEviction Protection

Reeder Asset Management will cover up to $1,200 of your court costs if eviction for nonpayment of rent becomes necessary for a tenant we placed in your property.



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