Growing Your Portfolio: A Guide for Real Estate Investors

More properties make more money! However, without the right experience, real estate investors risk collecting houses that become a financial liability rather than a source for more long-term income.

Successful investors know that buying properties in strong markets helps build a successful portfolio. Recognizing the best markets and finding the right properties are critical for success. Investors also need the right strategies and expert local help to maximize ROIs and maintain consistent income for this long-term wealth-building plan.

What does it take to grow a successful real estate investment portfolio? We’ve compiled some of our most helpful resources and insights into this guide to help investors make more money! Keep reading and apply the best property management tips from Reeder Asset Management.

Successful Growth Requires Change and Expert Support


You can manage a rental property on your own and generate income. However, if you have your sights set on significant growth and long-term wealth, doing things on your own won’t get you there.

Adding more rentals to your portfolio leads to more income—but more properties also come with more work! Building a portfolio requires a change in an investor’s mindset from “DIY” to replicating success with systems and professionals to take the work off of your plate while your income grows.

Your Time Is Valuable

Investors don’t have the time—and they shouldn’t spend valuable time—managing the daily details of operating rental homes. Even if you live nearby, your time is better spent focused on your career and the things you love to do while a property manager takes care of your investment properties to help your passive income grow.

Long-distance investors must rely on the best property management company to ensure real estate investment success. Unless you have the time and resources to travel here, visit rentals, or coordinate local contractors, time and location constraints can limit your income and portfolio growth.

Letting go of your income-generating rental properties isn’t easy, but it’s the smart thing to do! Struggling with the decision of “when” to hire a property manager is one more day that you could be leaving money on the table. With the right local property manager, you have a trusted expert to handle every aspect of your portfolio’s growth.

Expert Strategies Come From Experience


Learning and implementing the best real estate investing strategies and technology takes time and experience. Ramping up your personal knowledge of everything required to maximize ROIs can delay the success of a growing portfolio!

Real estate investors don’t need to build rental property portfolios on their own. Experience and expert insights are readily available when partnering with the best local property manager to guide you through every decision and task. A property manager:

  • Delivers expert rental market research to help investors choose rentals with the best potential for success
  • Guides investors to the investments that best fit their portfolios, including new builds, condos, and single-family homes
  • Applies management strategies that replicate success for sustainable growth
  • Supports your growth with proven systems and strategies

The right property management team can manage two properties as you get started—and help you grow to ten or more properties with ongoing income growth. We never sacrifice quality to serve properties and renters, no matter how many properties you own.

Minimize Frustrations and Master Details

Every rental benefits from property management best practices and expert strategies. However, no two properties are the same. Without the right expert help, more properties can bring more frustrations without the income you need to support your long-term wealth goals.

The best property manager minimizes risks and frustrations through every aspect of maintaining profitable investment properties, including:

  • Collecting the rent (on time)
  • Improved renewal rates
  • Reduced vacancy times
  • Thorough renter screening
  • Professional routine maintenance and repairs
  • Scheduled property inspections
  • Expert rental property marketing
  • Processing leases and paperwork
  • Staying current on local, state, and federal landlord-tenant regulations
  • Financial reporting
  • Dealing with difficult renters

It’s a lot of work, but real estate investors don’t need to deal with any of the details or frustrations of owning and operating multiple rental properties. Property values stay high, cash flow remains steady, and ROIs improve with a property manager and the best expert strategies to help your portfolio and income grow.

Investors Need Insights for Any Situation

Business Insight

While investing in real estate is one of the most stable ways to build long-term wealth, it’s not entirely without challenging situations. Without the right insights, investors can make expensive mistakes or deal with legal problems that threaten to close down their rental properties.

Not knowing what you don’t know (and operating according to the law or best practices) won’t build long-term success. One wrong decision can leave you with a rental property with too many expensive renovations that renters don’t want or need. Violating Fair Housing laws can lead to a lawsuit from an applicant that claims you applied discriminatory practices when denying them for your rental home.

How can investors keep up with the rules? What do you need to know to make smart decisions about renters or renovations? The right property management company has the answers and guidance you need for any situation.

Avoid Mistakes With Expert Guidance

When faced with rental property situations that lack a clear or straightforward solution, a property investor delivers the experience and insights investors need to protect investments and maximize ROIs. We might not have seen everything that could happen with a rental property (yet), but we have the necessary experience to keep your rentals legally operational and avoid expensive mistakes.

We’re here to help investors and renters with questions like:

  • What’s the right business entity for my investment properties?
  • Can I choose only female renters for all of my properties?
  • Should I require my residents to have renters insurance?
  • Is pre-paid rent a good idea?
  • Will these renovations pay off, or is it more rehab than I can recover through rental income?

If you never thought about incorporating your investment properties or protecting your properties by requiring renters insurance, you need a property manager and the insights we bring to the table for each property in your portfolio.

Make Smart Choices With the Right Help

Choosing renters based on gender or over-rehabbing a property can be costly mistakes that sink your portfolio. A property manager knows:

  • When to recommend smart renovations that pay off (instead of overspending on upgrades that renters don’t want or need)
  • When pre-paid rent is a good idea (and when it isn’t)
  • How to screen renters to find the best residents for your property (regardless of gender)
  • How to help you determine the best business entity for your rentals (and when to incorporate)
  • That it’s wise to require every resident to have a renter’s insurance policy (and how to make this a legal part of your resident criteria)

Partnering with the right property management company means investors never have to navigate a tricky situation on their own. We’re here to help by applying our experience and knowledge of the laws that govern legal and successful rental property operations.