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How To Determine the Move Out Type

This article will help you decide what type of notice should be used to start a Tenant's move-out process.

Determine Move-Out Type

End of Lease

If the move-out type is 'End of Lease' send Notice To Vacate with below automation. When this is selected a T116 Notice To Vacate is sent to all financially responsible tenants to complete. Move the deal stage to 'On Hold- Waiting for 30 Day Notice.' 

On hold- Waiting for 30 Day Notice 

The tenants will receive an automated text via Sales Msg from the Move Out Coordinator if the deal sits in this stage for one day and every three days after until the deal is moved to another stage. This workflow triggers the automated text workflow.

task is populated for the Move Out Coordinator if a deal is in this stage longer that 3 days to check if the NTV has been submitted. Once the notice is received move the stage to 'Working Pre-MO'

Delivered End of Term

The move-out type 'Delivered End of Term' is selected when management has delivered an End of Term Notice. (see below)

End of Term Notice


The move-out type 'Eviction' is selected when management has delivered one of the following notices and the tenant did not comply: 3 Day Notice to Comply or Vacate, 3 Day Notice to Pay or Vacate, Notice to Vacate - Nuisance, End of Term Notice, etc. (see below)


The move-out type 'Abandonment' is selected when management has delivered one of the following notices due to the tenant abandoning the property without giving notice.

Abandoned Premises

Sell Of Contract

The move-out type 'Sell of Contract' is selected when a tenant has filled out a T119 Sell of Contract form. 

Sell of Contract Page 1

Sell of Contract Page 2

Settlement Agreement 

The move-out type 'Settlement Agreement' is selected when management and the tenant have completed a Settlement Agreement to allow the tenant to vacate the property. There are several types of settlement agreement forms. The form below is the most commonly used. 

New Property

When the move-out type 'New Property' is selected the deal moves to the 🚩'Market Property' 🚩stage. No notice is required. 


  • Once the move out document is received navigate to 'After move out document is received' step  and continue with the checklist.