Davis County Property Management Benefits Your Utah Portfolio!


Davis County Property Management Benefits Your Utah Portfolio!

The Davis County area is what real estate investors refer to as a ‘bedroom community’—and it’s an ideal location to build an investment property portfolio and long-term wealth!

‘Bedroom communities’ cater to residents who commute to other cities for work. They choose to live in Davis County and enjoy a quieter life while their work takes place in bustling Salt Lake City or the surrounding area. When people choose a place to live while working elsewhere, investors have an opportunity to own in-demand rental homes that appeal to long-term renters!

There are plenty of cities in this area with properties ready and waiting for investors! If you’re new to the rental market potential in Davis County or looking for your next rental property here, keep reading to learn more about the best cities for investing from the perspective of an expert Davis County property management company!


Have you seen the movie ‘The Trip to Bountiful?’ It’s a 1985 film about an older woman determined to travel from Houston to visit her childhood home in Bountiful one last time. While the town portrayed in the movie is reminiscent of a more rural time in Bountiful’s history, today, investors can enjoy a modern suburban city with plenty of opportunity for passive real estate income!

Bountiful was once the largest city in Davis County until Layton’s population grew. However, investors will still find a healthy mix of young professionals and families looking to rent in a town full of peaceful parks and quiet streets. Excellent schools attract families to this area—and that helps boost the income potential for property owners looking to expand their portfolio here.

To ensure maintenance requests are met and rent collection processes on time, investors should only partner with the best Davis County property management team. This will ensure you’ll be able to tap into the profitability of the Bountiful-area rental market!

West Bountiful

Just across the highway from Bountiful is the rural community of West Bountiful. With a small amount of traffic and a smaller population than Bountiful, this city helps residents feel at home in a small-town setting.

However, residents aren’t too far from shopping, restaurants, and plenty of big-city activities! Living in West Bountiful is a prime location to access the peaceful qualities of small-town life with plenty of perks right around the corner.


Rated as the ‘Best Suburb for Living in Davis County,’ Kaysville should be on every rental property owner’s radar. Choosing rental properties here means investors seize the opportunity to own real estate investments in Utah’s top-rated suburb for raising families.

  • Residents who choose Kaysville enjoy a rural setting with plenty of wide-open spaces and excellent schools.
  • It has a ‘hometown’ feel promoted by a supportive community and plenty of local activities, including fairs and parades.

While most people own their homes in Kaysville, investors should keep an eye out for available single-family homes to benefit from this unique family-oriented community.


Davis County’s largest city is an excellent place to be a real estate investor! Layton is a dense suburban city with a busier way of life than Kaysville, yet it’s still one of the top-rated places to live in the county. However, many residents often describe Layton as having a ‘small-town feel.’

  • Located near the Wasatch Mountains, residents enjoy opportunities for hikes and outdoor recreational activities.
  • They also have quick and easy access to the shopping and restaurants available down the road in Salt Lake City.

Real estate is affordable while slightly more expensive than the surrounding area. When searching for the best properties to add to their portfolios, investors can choose from a variety of property types, including single-family homes and multi-family properties.


With a population under 20,000, Centerville is truly a small town! Some of the city’s best perks include plenty of coffee shops and available parks (to sit and enjoy said coffee) despite the sparse suburban classification.

Even though the city is small, investors can find a mix of properties, from detached single-family homes to townhomes and other multi-family options. With the best Davis County property management company maintaining your rentals, Centerville can become a profitable area for real estate investors who believe in the appreciation potential of small-town investments.


Another suburb of Salt Lake City, Farmington attracts families looking for highly-quality schools and suburban living. In recent years, the city has experienced more shopping and dining options moving into the area—without taking away from the close-knit sense of community that residents love.

  • A low crime rate makes Farmington a safe place to live. Low crime also helps investors enjoy excellent property values and creates an environment where renters feel safe enough to renew their leases!
  • Choose Farmington to build your portfolio if you want to invest close to Salt Lake City, and partner with an expert property manager to keep your properties as safe as the city feels!


Families also love Syracuse! It’s known as a clean, well-kept, and quiet suburb of Salt Lake City with a strong community feel and excellent schools. Even though the city is considered a suburb, the town has a more rural feel than a ‘suburban’ vibe.

While the area has a small population of renters, there’s still investment potential in Syracuse. Work closely with a local property manager to move quickly when properties come available in this highly-desirable community.

North Salt Lake

Investors can find a larger population of renters in North Salt Lake. Single-family homes, townhomes, and apartments offer housing for young adults and families.

  • North Salt Lake is known for neighbors taking care of each other throughout the community.
  • Purchasing an investment property in this area gives investors the opportunity for consistent monthly income with long-term residents.

An expert Davis County property management team can help find the best renters for your properties and develop long-term relationships to improve your bottom line!

Woods Cross

Residents of Woods Cross love to travel along the nearby hike and bike trails. This area also offers plenty of parks and outdoor spaces for recreation or relaxing.

Compared to some of the other cities in Davis County, investors will find a significant (and established) rental population here. Housing is affordable, and the city appeals to young adults and families.


As another family-friendly city, Clinton appeals to investors that enjoy adding rural housing to their portfolios. Residents value safety, diversity, and friendly neighborhoods for newcomers and long-standing residents alike.

Clinton is another city that has excellent potential for long-term renters and rental property income!


We can’t forget this wonderful city! Clearfield’s excellent schools attract families, while the nearby Hill Air Force Base boosts the renter population higher than many other cities in Davis County.

  • Investing in Clearfield helps military personnel and their families have high-quality rental homes during their assignment at the base.
  • Residents also love the convenience of retail, restaurants, and parks throughout the city. With excellent walkability, investing in Clearfield is a smart choice for investors!

Take Your Pick! Then Let Reeder Asset Management Handle Every Detail

Take your pick of excellent investment properties in any (or all) of these Davis County cities! The Reeder Asset Management team has the experience you need to manage suburban homes and properties in rural areas while meeting your investment income goals.

The best Davis County property management company knows what renters want—and how to help investors find profitable investment properties—even in areas with low renter populations. It only takes a few properties and the right property management services to help rental property owners build tremendous long-term wealth!

Before you purchase your next property in Davis County, contact us to find out how we can help you get the most out of your real estate investments! We’ll run the numbers and provide the research to show whether or not that potential rental property is a great investment.