COVID-19 Updates for Owners and Renters


As we continue serving our residents and owners through our property management services, we wanted to provide an update about local outreach available and changes to our operations.

However, just as importantly, the entire team here at Reeder Asset Management wants to express our deepest sympathy to those impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, and it’s effects on our community across Utah.

While we never expected to ever have to operate as property managers with social distancing protocols in place, our team is still prepared to serve you no matter what. We’re doing our best to continue operating as usual with additional safety protocols in place to keep our residents, owners, and skilled staff safe.


About Rental Payments

If you need assistance with rental payments as a result of the COVID-19 economic impact, Reeder Asset Management is currently offering a deferral program for our residents!

Please check back here for updates to our operations as we continue to monitor the situation. For immediate assistance, please call our offices at (801) 828-8944 or (435) 755-8689. This will allow us to better serve you if you have experienced a decrease in salary, loss of employment, or suffered other financial hardship due to COVID-19.

Federal and State Information Resources

For the latest information about COVID-19, please use the resources below. 

For Assistance With Food or Essentials

If you need assistance with food or other critical essentials, please don’t go without! The Utah Food Bank can help. You can also find assistance in Logan from the Cache Food Pantry and in Ogden at the Joyce Hansen Hall Food Bank.

For Rental Assistance

The following resources can connect residents with financial assistance to help with rental payments. 

For Healthcare Needs

Our local health resources can help owners and residents with COVID-related illnesses or other health concerns. Please follow the links below to find the nearest healthcare facility near you. Always be sure to check with the facility to confirm the latest safety protocols before arriving.

Alternatively, there is also access to the network of the University of Utah hospitals and clinics.

How to Reach Us

Our offices are currently closed to accommodate social distancing protocols and protect our staff, owners, and residents. However, we’re still available while working remotely! We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we adjust how we provide continued, excellent service while maintaining our ability to prioritize our in-person assistance.

Our current remote office hours are:

  • Monday-Friday: Available by phone and email from 8 am to 5 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Our current anticipated response times:

  • Non-emergency: 7-10 days
  • Emergency: within 24-48 hrs

Tenants and owners stay up to date through your online portals.

For Maintenance Requests

We are doing our best to address all work orders as quickly as we can. Our vendors have taken every necessary precaution when entering homes throughout this crisis, and we’ll continue offering maintenance during social distancing protocols as-needed while we monitor the situation. 

We’re excited that Utah is now rated a “yellow” state as we’re coming through the COVID-19 crisis. Our maintenance teams can enter homes under business-as-usual protocols that no longer require extensive, additional protective gear or precautions. 

As you can understand, we’re working through delayed requests as a result of prioritizing emergencies during this time, even as we move closer to a renewed sense of normalcy. We thank all of our residents for giving us your continued patience as we schedule maintenance requests according to priority and vendor availability.

Continued Maintenance Protocols

Even though we are able to enter homes for any maintenance request, including routine maintenance or non-emergency issues, our staff will continue with a prescreening-adjusted protocol. We’re aware that while the reduced threat of spreading COVID-19 has allowed Utah to classify as a “yellow” state, we want to continue to ensure the safety of our team and residents as we move forward. 

  • Prior to entering your home for any reason, you will receive a phone call from our office.
  • A representative from our team will ask a few simple questions to determine if our staff or technicians can safely be in contact with your home.
  • Your honest answers and transparency will help keep all associates and vendors safe as they work in your home.
  • If we determined our service team cannot safely enter your home without risking their health, we have alternate resources and partners to help complete emergency service requests on a case-by-case basis.

We Understand!

We’re property owners, too! We understand the challenging times we’re in, and we’re here to support our residents and owners here at Reeder Asset Management as we come through the COVID-19 crisis as a community—safe and sound.

If we missed a way we can help you through this time, please let us know! We’re working hard to maintain a sense of continued excellence in our operations despite the lack of normalcy we currently face in Utah and throughout the country. 

Despite the low-risk phase we’ve entered as a state, we remain vigilant and careful in bringing our services back to “business as usual.” As soon as we reopen our offices, we’ll reach out! Until then, please contact us by phone or email.