Cache County Property Management Helps Investors Grow!

The only thing smarter than investing in Utah County real estate is investing in the best local property management services. With a professional property manager, investors improve their success, grow more profitable portfolios, and enjoy more long-term wealth. 

Why is full-service property management so critical? You can do it yourself—but without the best strategies to make sure your rentals attract the best local renters, you'll struggle to maximize your income from your properties. With Brigham Young University located in Provo and the suburban appeal to families across the Utah County area, investors love the opportunity that awaits them in our rental market outside of Salt Lake City. 

The right property manager helps your rentals attract responsible college students and young families to generate more income. How do we do it? Here's why Reeder Asset Management is the right Utah County property management company for real estate investors that want to earn 'more' from their portfolio!

Make Smarter Decisions About Renters and Properties

Investing in real estate requires many small decisions for success—but your most important financial choices involve these two critical aspects: Choosing properties and selecting renters.

  • Which properties are the right additions to your portfolio?
  • Which renters will pay the rent and take care of your properties?

Without experience, analysis, and a tenant screening process, investors can end up with properties that never make money—and renters that never pay the rent while leaving your property with expensive damage.

The Right Properties and Strategies

Not every rental property is an excellent addition to your portfolio. If you already have a rental property, it can be challenging to generate income without the right strategies. 

Expert Utah County property management helps investors evaluate a property before buying it. We use rental analysis to understand market conditions, the competition, current rental rates, and the income potential for a property.

  • We can project estimated earnings based on an ideal rental rate.
  • If a property needs renovations to make it rental-ready, we factor in those costs compared to your ongoing income. 
  • We also consider ongoing property expenses to evaluate the potential profit from each rental.
  • We help investors make smart decisions about each property they add to their portfolios.
  • The wrong renovations won't ever generate enough rental income to offset the expense of the upgrades.

A property in the wrong location or without the right amenities won't attract renters or generate enough revenue to make it profitable.

One wrong Utah County rental home can ruin your long-term income. However, the right properties add to your profit by attracting excellent renters!

The Right Renters and Management

The best rental property is an expense until you find a quality renter to start paying the rent. You also need renters who pay every month, through the end of their lease, and take excellent care of your properties!

These renters don't magically find their way to your door simply because you have an excellent rental property. Some of the best Utah County rentals attract the wrong renters because they are such appealing places to live. As a property owner, you have to know how to find the best renters, exclude the bad renters, and follow a legal process when selecting your residents.

The right Utah County property management company does all of this for you! Investors don't have to worry about letting a bad renter move into their properties or the risk of violating anti-discrimination laws. Our experience keeps us up-to-date on all laws and best practices to place only the best quality renters into your properties.

Our tenant screening process includes:

  • Working with rental property owners to develop legal criteria: We help you set minimum requirements for income and credit scores and document other criteria to qualify for your rentals. We also advise owners when it makes the best financial sense to offer pet-friendly properties
  • Legally reviewing each applicant's background: This includes credit history, employment and income verification, criminal history, prior rental history, and reference checks. 
  • Evaluating every applicant against the same criteria: We keep bias and personal preference out of the selecting process to protect your investment property business.

Your rental properties are your most significant assets, and your renters are the second most valuable aspect of a successful investment strategy. Choosing the wrong renters means your properties can't perform to their full potential. With the right Utah County property manager, investors experience better quality renters and higher renewal rates—two essential elements to boosting your bottom line.

Deliver Professional Maintenance

When you find quality renters, they expect a quality rental home. Keeping up with property management is another critical aspect of real estate investment success. Your best residents will leave to find other well-maintained rental homes if your properties don't keep up with the competition. 

Routine maintenance can't be an afterthought or something you dread doing and consistently delay. If you don't enjoy fixing things when they break or responding to resident maintenance requests, you need expert Utah County property management to address maintenance issues for you!

Our professional maintenance services address every aspect of keeping your investment properties in excellent condition and your renters happy. These critical tasks include:

  • Seasonal preventative maintenance: Avoiding repairs is the best way to save money and keep your properties in tip-top shape! Our year-round maintenance helps prevent problems that can occur due to neglect.
  • Routine, scheduled inspections: We can't keep your properties well-maintained if we don't know their current condition. Our regular inspections help us recognize potential problems before they become expensive (or emergency) situations. 
  • Emergency responses 24/7: We don't make your residents suffer through the weekend with a broken toilet or water heater. Our team responds promptly to renter requests, and we make it easy for residents to reach us in an emergency.

Rental property maintenance is a priority when you choose the right property manager in Utah County! Professional maintenance helps improve your property values, retain your best renters, and reduce costs to maximize your maintenance budget.

Market Rentals and Reduce Vacancy Times

When your properties are well-maintained, they're worth talking about! Your properties stay competitive with the best Utah County property management company—and we provide the best professional marketing to get the word out!

Even the most attractive and renter-friendly homes stay empty without professional-quality rental listings and the right marketing strategies. A professional property manager knows how to describe your properties to attract your ideal renters. We also use professional photos to show off every angle of your rentals and catch the eye of your next resident. 

When we craft expert listings for your rentals, we post them on the best rental search websites to give your properties a broad audience. We know time is money for real estate investors! An empty property becomes costly when it takes too long to find a new renter. With our marketing approach, we reduce vacancy times—without sacrificing the quality of your renters. 

Utah County Property Management Is the Smartest Decision for Success

Choosing an expert Utah County property management company is the smartest way to build success as a real estate investor. Property owners quickly understand how the right strategies, best renters, and professional rental property maintenance make a significant improvement in their long-term wealth. 

Reeder Asset Management loves serving the rental property owners and renters of Utah County. Let us handle the tasks you don't want to do—and help you enjoy more profit. We start with a Free Rental Analysis to target where we can effectively maximize your properties' potential. Contact us to learn more about why we're the smartest choice for full-service property management!

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