Deciding to become a landlord is exciting—until you realize strangers will live in your property, and it’s your job to pick the right ones! Finding quality tenants who pay the rent every month is the only way to generate income from a Box Elder County, UT rental property. However, a lot of work (and expertise) goes into finding those tenants.Not every tenant turns out to be a good one, either! Bad tenants will refuse to pay the rent and often cause damage to your property. Removing a bad tenant can be an expensive, drawn-out legal process that leaves you questioning if being a landlord was the right decision.

Don’t let the idea of managing tenants or a bad experience with a tenant keep you from the benefits of your investment property! While tenants can cause plenty of problems, a thorough screening process can help you eliminate many of those issues and place better renters in your Box Elder rental home.

When you choose Box Elder County property management, you can trust the experts to market your property in a way that attracts better tenants! We also apply a careful screening process to make sure we don’t let a bad tenant find themselves at home in your rental!

Our Marketing Sets the Stage

Professionally marketing your property helps us find the best tenants. It’s also how we let potential renters know what we expect and require before they consider filling out a rental application.

  • Choosing the best tenant means you need an applicant pool of quality tenant options.
  • If you’re discouraged that you never seem to get applications from quality tenants, we can help you step up your marketing efforts.
  • Professional marketing and an expert property description can help deter problem tenants from filling out an application.

The right marketing techniques can also help better-quality renters recognize that you have a quality property with strict tenant requirements that could be their ideal next home. When property owners demonstrate great care in how they select tenants, that communicates a quality operation to prospective tenants!

Your Listing Details Application Requirements

How can you choose your next tenant while following the laws? Property owners must never violate anti-discriminatory laws like the Fair Housing Act. This means every applicant must receive equal treatment when comparing them to your pre-determined criteria to live in your Box Elder County, UT rental.

One of the best places to start your fair screening process is by detailing your tenant requirements with your property listing. Your property manager can help you develop your tenant criteria and help you keep it legal from start to finish!

For all tenant applicants and properties, as your Box Elder County property management provider, we require:

  • An application fee
  • A government-issued photo ID
  • That applicants must be at least 18 years old
  • Landlord contact information for the last three years of rental history
  • One most recent pay stub (or tax returns for the two most recent years if self-employed)
  • A pet photo taken with the tenant and their pet together (if applicable for pet-friendly properties).

We never begin our screening process for a potential tenant until we have all of these items to get started. Your property listing includes all of this information, so tenants never have to wonder what they need to provide to start the process.

These details also protect our property owners in case an applicant claims that we didn’t advertise the requirements to be considered for your Box Elder County, UT rental property.

Monthly Rent, Fees, and Deposits Are Clear

Tenants should know how much it will cost to live in your property as they review the property listing. We never want a potential tenant to wonder about the amounts for the monthly rent, application fees, or security deposits.

When you choose Box Elder County property management, we note those details clearly with every property listing. We’ll list the monthly rent amount that applies to each specific property. For properties under our management, we also require:

  • Applicants with better credit and references will generally be approved at a security deposit of approximately one month’s rent plus a $150 admin fee and $75 re-key fee.
  • Pet-friendly properties require an additional deposit. Each individual listing provides the relevant details.
  • Applicants with combined average credit scores below 620 and references may still be approved with up to a double security deposit.

Making this information clear from the start reduces the volume of unqualified applications property owners receive for a rental. If a tenant can see that they won’t qualify based on the rental amount, credit score requirements, or deposit amounts, they won’t waste their time (and yours) by filling out an application.

Accurate information helps the wrong tenants keep scrolling while encouraging better quality applicants to reach out to us!

We Only Accept the Best

What happens if we have too many good tenant applicants to pick from? That’s not a bad problem to have! However, we won’t ever just “pick” your next resident. We only ever accept the best-qualified tenant, and we have plenty of criteria to support our decisions when we deny an applicant.

Some of our most common reasons to decline a tenant for your Box Elder County, UT property include:

  • An incomplete application
  • Prior evictions or collections from landlords
  • A credit score below 550
  • Insufficient income or lack of employment
  • Unsatisfactory or unreachable references
  • Non-discharged bankruptcies
  • Unqualified occupants
  • Unusual pets that don’t meet the criteria (reptiles, aggressive breeds, exceeds the maximum size, etc.)
  • Move-in dates too far in future
  • Any felonies of illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance within the last seven years
  • Felonies resulting in bodily harm or intentional damage or destruction of property (arson, vandalism, etc.)
  • Any sexually-related offenses for any time period.

To comply with anti-discriminatory practices, this list applies to any applicant, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. We will also deny an applicant (or remove a current tenant) that attempts to have pets in a non-pet-friendly property or exceeds the number of vehicles or vehicle sizes for a property.

We only welcome the best quality tenants into your property; then we focus on building lasting tenant relationships. It’s one of the best ways we protect your property and investment income!

What About Renters Insurance?

It’s non-negotiable.

The safety of your Box Elder County, UT property and your tenants is one of our biggest priorities! We require an active renters insurance policy for all leases and lease renewals. If the tenant does not provide their own renters insurance policy, we enroll the tenant in our Tenant Liability Insurance Policy and bill them monthly.

We also reduce the risk of furnace fires to help keep your property safe. Tenants must enroll in our Furnace Filter Program for all properties with furnace/AC systems. With an active renters insurance policy and regular furnace filter replacement, we help tenants take good care of your assets!

Enjoy Better Quality Tenants With Property Management

High-quality tenants lead to better profits for our property investors! Choosing Reeder Asset Management is the best choice when considering Box Elder County property management! 

Our local experience as property managers and property owners helps us market your property and place the best tenants. As property owners, we know the difficulties of dealing with bad tenants. Reeder Asset Management’s expertise and screening processes help our property owners avoid those issues and enjoy better quality tenants for your investment properties. Let us help you find (and keep) the tenants that make being a landlord worthwhile!