Bountiful, UT Property Management

Real estate investors who choose Bountiful, UT, tap into an area loved by renters and property owners. It’s a mid-size suburban city that attracts many families and young professionals to an area with a small-town feel and the benefits of nearby Salt Lake City.

If you’re thinking of growing your portfolio (or starting one), Bountiful is an excellent place to do it! With the right Bountiful, UT property management company providing strategic insights and ongoing support, investors can build long-term passive income with rental properties in this area.

What makes Bountiful a place to love for your next real estate investment? From our experience as property managers in this rental market, here’s what we know that renters and investors enjoy most!

What Do Renters Love About Bountiful?

Bountiful is an ideal home for families and young professionals who prefer an active lifestyle without sacrificing comfort or convenience. The area offers plenty of ways to enjoy outdoor adventure, including trails like the Bonneville Shoreline Trail and Mueller Park Trailhead. Residents can hike and enjoy mountain biking, then visit one of the city’s delicious eateries on the way home.

Local parts like Creekside Park and Mill Creek have playgrounds for the kids and gorgeous greenery for anyone to take in the area’s beauty. With comfortable temperatures throughout most of the year, you’ll also experience plenty of snow in the winter and sun during the summers.

Fun and food aren’t the only reasons why renters love Bountiful! Investors can take advantage of rental properties in an area that offers some of the best quality of living in the country.

It’s a Safe Place to Call ‘Home’

Bountiful ranked as the 13th safest city in Utah for 2020, and it’s consistently on the list of the Top 20 safest cities. With a low crime rate and quiet, comfortable neighborhoods, it’s an ideal place to raise a family and enjoy the calm atmosphere of this town located along the slant of the Wasatch Mountains.


It’s Affordable to Rent

While the average home price in Bountiful is slightly higher than the national average, that’s good news for real estate investors. Home values (and equity) are on the rise, but monthly rent prices remain affordable and encouraging for the city’s population to enjoy well-maintained homes without the headaches of homeownership.

Finding the ideal rental rate for your properties depends on market research, the number of bedrooms in the home, and renter demand. With a current population of around 44,000 (and consistently rising), the need for quality housing isn’t going down any time soon.

An expert Bountiful, UT property management company is the best way to understand the rental market and choose the right rental rates. We help investors avoid mistakes like setting the rent too high or too low, leading to lost income on empty rentals.

Affordable to rent

Top-Rated Schools

Safety and plenty of activities aren’t the only reasons families love Bountiful! The local schools are part of the Davis School District, and it’s consistently one of the top-rated districts in the state. From elementary school through middle school and high school, kids enjoy quality education, sports, arts, and other activities to prepare them for their futures.

The school district hosts two of Utah’s top high schools. Bountiful High and Viewmont High have a high percentage of students involved in Advanced Placement (AP) coursework to prepare them for college and careers.

While there are no college campuses in Bountiful, students don’t have to look far to find top-quality universities near Salt Lake City or throughout Utah.

Top Rated Schools

It’s Close to Salt Lake City

What Bountiful doesn’t have can be found in nearby Salt Lake City. Residents have a short 10-15 minute trip to Salt Lake to enjoy more shopping, culture, restaurants, and jobs.

Living in Bountiful provides excellent employment opportunities, and residents also benefit from tech and healthcare jobs available in the larger nearby cities. Nothing is very far away! Families and young professionals have everything they need—from a big city to a small town—when renting one of your properties in this suburban community.

When renters are happy, investors are happy! There’s plenty for investors to be happy about in Bountiful.

Lake City

How Much Does Bountiful Property Management Cost?



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What Do Investors Love About Bountiful Real Estate?

It’s smart to invest in this area! Whether you live in Utah or you’re an out-of-state investor, rental properties are an excellent way to build long-term wealth—and Bountiful has plenty to offer for your success.

Excellent Property Appreciation

We mentioned that home prices are on the rise, which is a good sign of a healthy real estate market. Rental properties do more for your long-term wealth than providing monthly rental income. Investing in local real estate gives you an asset that appreciates over time.

In Bountiful, home appreciation continues to go up: more than 13% in the last 12 months. In a safe city with many amenities that attract professionals and families, home values will continue to rise and boost the value of your portfolio.

Property Appreciation

The Best Property Management

Investors have access to the best rental property management when choosing to invest in this area. You’ve already made a smart decision to invest here, but without the best property manager to handle renters and properties, you might miss out on every bit of income your rentals can offer.

The right property management services mean investors don’t have to worry about a thing. However, without the right management, you risk placing bad renters in your property, a house that falls into disrepair and lost income.

Whether you’re local or a long-distance investor, expert Bountiful, UT property management:

  • Screens for the best renters
  • Keeps up with regular property inspections
  • Handles all preventative maintenance and repairs
  • Collects the rent and handle all fees and deposits
  • Keeps track of leasing and renewals
  • Processes paperwork and produces financial reporting
  • Make sure you get paid.

The odds are in your favor when choosing rental properties in Bountiful, but properties don’t rent or maintain themselves. When rental properties show signs of wear-and-tear, renters won’t stick around. Keeping your rentals in excellent condition makes them more competitive in the local rental market. When your properties attract quality renters who are happy in your rental property, you make more money!


Making Money

With the combination of the best property management, quality properties, satisfied renters, excellent schools, and everything the city and surrounding area offers, investors love Bountiful because they can make money here!

It’s a smart place to invest, and property management is the smartest investment you can make in your long-term wealth and real estate success.

Making Money

Choose the Best Bountiful, UT Property Management

Investors need local professionals who understand the rental market and how to make more money through investing in Bountiful real estate. Don’t risk missing out on everything this city has to offer investors by settling for anything but the best Bountiful, UT property management company!

Reeder Asset Management helps real estate investors make more money—whether you live here or invest from out of state. With our experience as rental property owners, we know what it takes to maintain a quality rental property and find the best residents to boost ROIs and build more long-term wealth.