Writing Effective Rental Listings

Updated August 1, 2022.

It’s rare that a renter accidentally stumbles into a rental property, falls in love with it, and lives happily ever after—paying the rent on time while an investor enjoys consistent monthly income through retirement. We aren’t sure that’s ever happened here in Salt Lake City!

Successful property investors know that the only way to attract quality residents (and maintain consistent rental income) is to craft an effective property listing when marketing their rentals! Without a compelling listing, renters won’t know about your property or why it’s their ideal new home.

However, many investors underestimate the importance of what goes into a property listing. It’s more than a few details about the property and some photos from your cellphone! A professional listing is one of the best ways to reduce vacancy times and protect your property by finding better quality renters.

Keep reading to learn how to write an effective property listing from Property Management!

Close-up of businesswomans hand checking house on laptopThe Power Is in the Details

You don’t need to write a pages-long essay about your rental property to include everything a renter needs to know about it in the listing. However, the power of your listing depends on the type and quality of the details you include when listing your property.

Reaching the right renters means talking to them about what your property has that they need and want! While the nuts-and-bolts details are critical, property owners also need to dig deeper than the ordinary information to ‘sell’ your Salt Lake property to the best new residents.

Make sure your listing includes:

  • The bigger picture: Highlight nearby schools, parks, restaurants, and retail.
  • The basic 411: Location, square footage, number of rooms, bathrooms, and parking details.
  • The instructions: How to apply, resident requirements, monthly rent amount, security deposits, and fees.

At a glance, these details can help a potential renter know this could be their next home! This information should also let a renter know if it’s not the right fit for them. Whether the house is too small or the rent is too high, a potential renter should understand the critical details about your property that either encourages them to fill out the rental application or keep scrolling.

Remember: you want the best potential renters for your property to stop scrolling! Starting with quality renters makes your screening process easier.  While the basic property details are a great start, your listing needs more.

Add Some Flair

Don’t overdo it, but your listing needs a touch of flair to attract your next residents and stop them from scrolling by your property. Your listing needs photos and a story to go along with the details about the property!

Make sure your listing includes:

  • Professional photos
  • What makes your property special
  • Descriptions about the rental’s best features
  • Highlights about amenities that Salt Lake renters want in a home
  • Benefits of choosing your home (location, energy-saving appliances, or other details).

We can’t stress enough: professional photos will set your listing apart from similar properties in the area! Don’t settle for cellphone pictures that you took after you finished the last Makeready Process. Investing in a professional real estate photo session will help your listing show off your property’s best features—and generate more interest in your property.

Happy family with child moving to new home

Professional photos show potential renters that you are a quality property owner! This expert touch for your listing will attract better quality renters who understand how to be good residents—and this is very good for your investment business and income!

Check Your Work

Beautiful photos and a powerful listing description will fall flat if your text is full of typos and grammatical errors. Be sure to read through the text and make corrections before you post a listing.

Make sure your listing includes:

  • Accurate information: Posting the wrong address or rental price can become a typo disaster when trying to find a new renter. Plus, it can come across as ‘scammy.’
  • Short, easy-to-read sentences: Go easy on the prose! Make it easy for potential renters to understand what they need to know about your property—without over-describing it.
  • An easy way to apply: Make sure the link to your online rental application works!

It’s a lot to think through before posting a listing, but help is available! Professional property management (like Reeder Asset Management) can make your property shine through your listing.

If writing isn’t your ‘thing,’ turn this task over to the experts!

Choose Property Management for Effective Listings!

If your property listing isn’t generating the volume of applications you need or the type of renters you’re looking for, it’s time for help! Don’t overlook the importance of creating a compelling property listing to get more out of your investment property.

  • Reeder Asset Management knows what renters are looking for when they scroll available properties.
  • We have the experience of managing our own properties and the insight into the Salt Lake City market that helps investors generate listings that work!

When you choose us for your property management needs, we’ll handle your property listings and help you find the best residents! 

Getting ready for a new renter? Download our free Makeready Checklist to get started!

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