Why Work With Professional Property Management, Ogden, UT Investors?

Ogden investors have a lot to gain by using a professional, full service property management company—and today, we’re talking about why you should find one to protect your investment. More specifically, we want to discuss why you should use a good property management company like Reeder Asset Management for all your rental property needs!

We know that the Ogden property management company you choose to work with is not a decision to be made lightly. That’s why we believe in earning your business again and again with the efforts that can only come from a tight-knit team!

As investors who have ‘been there’ and ‘done that’ for several years, we also intimately understand the pain points that our fellow investors face. This allows us to tailor our services to meet the kind of needs we wished had been met when we first started investing!

Here are just a few of the details that help us stand apart from the competition when it comes to property management, Ogden, UT investors—and why we’re number one at what we do.

Local and Family Owned

We are family owned and operated. The family that works here is a natural team, and our goal is to ensure the success of the company—and your long term investments.

  • The success of our company helps us make your real estate ventures more profitable.
  • We’re investors and property owners just like you! We understand the heartaches and the pains that come with property ownership—including when you don’t collect rent on time.
  • Our goal is to help lighten that load for you and make investing in Salt Lake City, Logan, or Ogden, UT, a positive experience.

If you no longer enjoy being an investor—and all of the potential returns that come with that title—we’re here to help you love investing again! Don’t throw your long term wealth away because of the workload: leave it in the skilled hands of Reeder Asset Management.

Salesman shaking hands with client with contract on the coffee table

Month-to-Month Contracts

You sign a month-to-month contract when you work with Reeder Asset Management. There are no long term management agreements that are 18 months or 24 months long with our approach to property management! With month-to-month contracts, we have to earn your business every month—and good property management, Ogden, UT investors, isn’t afraid to do this.

Think about it this way: your mechanic earns your continued loyalty with each great service or repair they provide to you. All it takes is one bad experience to encourage you to look for another mechanic because of the high dollar value of maintenance on a vehicle. Full service property management should approach protecting your investment with a similar mindset, and provide exceptional service and dedication to you each month.

Company Values

Communication, full transparency, and integrity are the keys to our company. Our motto is: the owner knows everything, but need do nothing.

We like to keep the lines of communication open, so you know exactly what’s going on at your property at any given time in the month, and this emphasis on transparency and contact also extends to the renters we serve. No renter enjoys being given the runaround—and in our experience as investors, neither do property owners!

Our straightforward management fees are transparent and not cluttered with all the junk fees that are now prevalent in the industry. We know that your very real property needs to bring you very real returns: if you can’t understand our fee structure, you won’t know what we’re doing for you to ensure those returns!

Plus, we believe this entire experience should be hands-free: what’s the point of seeking passive real estate investment income if it’s not actually passive? We know you don’t have time to be playing those kinds of games with such a serious investment.

Inspections and Maintenance

Another benefit of professional property management, Ogden, UT investors, is that we work with a third-party inspection company here at Reeder Asset Management.

Brokers doing inspections themselves is akin to the fox guarding the henhouse. The company we work with makes sure that your Salt Lake City, Logan, or Ogden rental property is in good condition. This includes confirming that your renters are taking care of the home and not causing any unnecessary or costly damage.

Poor or unresponsive maintenance is one of the top complaints that causes renter turnover. We address this with our dedicated, in-house maintenance team to ensure we retain control over the repair process to protect your investment. You won’t have to pay excessive trip charges or estimate charges. Our in-house approach also ensures the hourly rate remains low, so you save money! If that’s not an investing win-win scenario, we don’t know what is.

If you have any questions about your Ogden rental property—or you need some help from an Ogden property management company—please reach out to us here at Reeder Asset Management!

Updated and republished 8/25/2020.

Posted by: Reeder Asset Management on August 2, 2017