What’s the #1 Contributing Factor to A Positive Rental Property ROI?



Property investments are a great way to bring in some extra cash. Some investors are discovering that, if done right, they can make rental properties their main line of business. 

One vital element that property investors need to do is to be sure they are using the best tools and resources to maximize ROI. Without a robust ROI, the business venture could fall flat. 

Hiring an investment property management company is ideal to ensure you have all your bases covered. In fact, it’s the #1 thing you can do for successful rental properties! An experienced property manager will oversee your investments and save you money in the long run. Here’s why hiring the best property management West Haven, UT, offers is the right move to make for success!

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You might think a property management company will be an expense that hurts your ROI, but the opposite is true. With their unique expertise and skills, a property can save you money while boosting returns. Here’s what the right property management company can do for you! 

Thorough Tenant Screening

Thorough tenant screening is essential to ensure you get the best tenants in your properties. How a tenant treats the property can greatly impact the property’s future value and, consequently, its ROI. 

For example, if you have a tenant that is overly rough on the property and harms the home (more than your typical wear and tear), you will need to upgrade or fix it sooner, which becomes costly and affects your bottom line.

Additionally, a poor tenant can also be one that doesn’t pay their rent. Not only does this put you behind on cash flow, but if the tenant continues to fail to pay their rent, you will have legal problems, too. You may have to pursue an eviction, which is costly and time-consuming. 

A property management company proactively screens tenants to place high-quality renters in your properties. If you’re ready for better residents, search for property managers near me to get started.

Pricing Rentals Accurately

Pricing your investment rentals wrong can crush your business success. It’s essential to be informed about market trends for rentals in your area. Overpricing or underpricing the property can lead to income loss. If you price the home too high, you could drive away prospective tenants, and your property will sit empty.

On the other hand, if you price the home too low, you undercut yourself for the lease’s term. Hiring a capable investment property management company that knows the area well can ensure you ask the right price. They will do a rental rate analysis to determine a competitive rental rate for the rental property. 

Managing Rental Property Marketing

After assessing your property and determining the best rental rate, a property manager will go to work helping you find the most qualified tenants for your home. Their goal is to market the property in such a way as to rent the property quickly to an appropriate tenant. When your properties are filled quickly, you won’t need to worry about the loss of revenue from a vacancy.

Working with an experienced property management team will make sure your property has the marketing exposure to move tenants into your homes quickly.

Handling Maintenance

Maintenance issues are part of the workload when you have investment rentals. If maintenance problems are not dealt with appropriately, you could lose revenue. Some maintenance jobs require the work of a skilled professional to get the task done right. Otherwise, you might have more problems on your hands.

If a tenant has an emergency after hours, property owners need a solution to find a skilled contractor to make the necessary repairs (without high prices for after-hours fixes). However, if you already have a property management team on board, they are equipped to handle these types of maintenance requests (and all others) with professionalism and skill. 

Conducting Regular Inspections

Regular inspections are an important task that some property investors may overlook. These mid-lease inspections help investors keep apprised of “small” problems that the tenant didn’t report as a maintenance issue but may need attention anyway. 

By doing inspections once or twice a year, investors may catch an issue before it becomes problematic and costly. Your property management companies will take care of these inspections for you.

Collecting the Rent

Getting the rent on time is a key part of maintaining cash flow. Without on-time rental payments, your ROI suffers!

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A skilled property manager works with tenants to make paying rent quick and easy, utilizing online tools to simplify things. Property managers also work with renters who are late on rental payments. They also deal with renters who don’t pay rent or violate the lease agreement. 

The Best Property Management West Haven, UT Company Boosts ROI

Managing profitable rental properties requires a lot of work and experience! Find the ideal property management team to optimize your returns. Reeder Asset Management has the experience real estate investors need to find excellent renters, handle all maintenance issues, and boost ROIs. Reach out to learn more about our property management services!

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