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Dealing With Difficult Renters

No matter how well you screen your renters, eventually, you'll deal with a difficult renter situation. A thorough screening process helps investors avoid most bad renters and expensive resident problems. However, sometimes a positive renter...


Renters Insurance and Your Rentals: Salt Lake Property Management Tips

When it comes to the topic of renters insurance, few investors in the Salt Lake area realize that it's a benefit to both renters and Salt Lake rental property owners.

Utah law does not mandate that renters are required to be insured. However, just...


'Should I Allow Prepaid Rent?' Salt Lake Property Management Insight

Prepaid rent can feel like a windfall of sudden cash. When a renter or potential resident offers to prepay the rent several months ahead, why wouldn't you take the money and celebrate having such a good renter?

We hate to be the bearer of bad news,...


'Female Renters Only'? Salt Lake Property Management Insight

Finding the right residents for your Salt Lake City rental properties is one of the most critical aspects of a successful real estate investing portfolio. Without renters, no one pays the rent. However, when bad renters move into your properties,...


Pets: A Pro—or Con? | Salt Lake City Property Management Tips

As a Utah property owner, there are pros and cons to allowing your renters to keep pets. On one hand, pets are adorable—and they make everybody happy. On the other hand, they might eat your woodwork and dig holes in your yard. What's a Salt Lake...


The Salt Lake City Property Management Guide to Tenant Screening

Being the owner of a Salt Lake City property comes with responsibilities that you may not have expected—and screening your future renters is nobody's favorite part of the job. Still, selecting the right resident is essential to the continued success...


Rental Property Maintenance | Salt Lake Property Management Tips

Providing excellent maintenance services for residents is a critical way to encourage them to staybut what does "excellent" maintenance really involve? You might be handy with some power tools and able to handle a variety of maintenance issues....


Renting to Millennials: Tips From Salt Lake City Property Management

When you decide to become an investor, you will have a lot more ongoing decisions to make as you build your rental property business. Whether you start and maintain one Salt Lake City rental property for a little extra income or you grow your...


Tenant Screening In Tough Times: Salt Lake City Management Tips

Updated January 12, 2022

Property investors need to increase their vigilance during tough times. While it can cause panic to lose a resident or deal with an empty property during a crisis, relaxing your guard and your screening protocols will only...


Build Lasting Relationships | Salt Lake City Property Management Tips

Your tenants are more than "just" a paycheck. When landlords build lasting tenant relationships—before a crisis, during a crisis, and beyond—you can boost your income and reduce the amount of turnover you experience from your Salt Lake City ...