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The Return on Investment of Salt Lake City Rental Property: How to Calculate ROI

Investing in a Salt Lake City rental property is a smart way to grow your net worthbut how do you know if a specific property is the right investment for you? One of the most critical metrics that landlords should use when deciding whether or...


10 Ways to Increase Retention and Boost ROI: Tips for Salt Lake City Rental Owners

The most successful rental property owners continue to find ways to increase their ROI. Tenant retention is a crucial component for this and can be difficult if you're not using strategies that work. In today's blog post, we'll discuss ten of the...


10 Upgrade Ideas to Attract Quality Salt Lake City Tenants and Increase ROI

Salt Lake City real estate investors are always looking for ways to increase their ROI, and it's easy to overlook some critical upgrades that can help! One of the best ways to boost returns is by attracting and keeping quality renters.  

The good...


Keeping Excellent Tenants Longer: Salt Lake Property Management

Experts in Salt Lake City property management know that keeping good tenants is one of the best ways property owners can maximize returns and protect their rental properties. When landlords don't have to deal with the costs of marketing a vacant...


Salt Lake Property Management Advice for Enforcing the Lease

How can property owners make sure renters follow the rules in the lease agreement? While most tenants are good residents that pay the rent on time and abide by the lease, sometimes investors run into renters who break the rules. When the rules go...


Is That a Necessary Upgrade? [Salt Lake City Property Management Renovation Recommendations]

Buying a property is a fantastic investment that can generate excellent returns to support your financial future. However, as with your private residence, rental properties need upgrades from time to time. The right updates help rentals stay...


What Salt Lake Property Owners Should Do When a Tenant Damages a Rental

It's an owner's worst nightmare. A tenant damages your property, and now you are stuck with a hefty repair bill. What if your tenant refuses to take accountability? Dealing with the out-of-pocket expenses of bad resident behavior can deplete cash...


Downloads Can Be Dangerous! Salt Lake City Property Management Helps Create Better Leases

Have you ever dealt with a renter who found a loophole in the lease agreement? It doesn't take much for a resident to find a way to break the rules or skip a rental payment if the lease doesn't clearly outline the guidelines, requirements, and...


LLC? Why It Makes Sense to Protect Your Rentals: Salt Lake Property Management Weighs In

Protecting your rental properties requires thinking through the business aspects of operating rentals. When buying properties and housing tenants to generating rental income, you're running a business!

However, without the right business entity...


How Salt Lake City Property Management Can Deal With Unauthorized Tenants

Did you find unauthorized tenants in your rental property? A rental or lease agreement stipulates how many people are allowed to live in a property—and who they are. Should a tenant have other people living in a unit than are indicated on the...