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Taking Better Listing Photos | Salt Lake City Property Management Tips

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but when it comes to marketing your rental property, it's worth a lot more than that! Great photography can make the difference between a listing that languishes for months and one that gets flooded with...


Setting a Rental Rate | Salt Lake City Property Management Tips

You have to make a lot of decisions as a Salt Lake City property owner ('How do I correctly screen people with disabilities? Do I need to update how I handle rent collection?'), but few affect your business more directly than deciding how much to...


The Salt Lake City Property Management Guide to Tenant Screening

Being the owner of a Salt Lake City property comes with responsibilities that you may not have expected—and screening your future renters is nobody's favorite part of the job. Still, selecting the right resident is essential to the continued...


Best Rental Property Upgrades: By Salt Lake City Property Management

Getting more out of your rental property can require putting more into your property. We're not talking major renovations—but sometimes, simple upgrades can help your Salt Lake City rental become more attractive to today's renters. 

When your...


How to Choose a Salt Lake City Property Management Company

Trusting a property manager with your assets and investment income is a big step toward building your financial future! It can also be a stressful decision to allow someone else to manage your Salt Lake City properties and residents. That's why...


Renting to Millennials: Tips From Salt Lake City Property Management

When you decide to become an investor, you will have a lot more ongoing decisions to make as you build your rental property business. Whether you start and maintain one Salt Lake City rental property for a little extra income or you grow your...


Smart Screening Matters | Salt Lake City Property Management Tips

Property investors need to increase their vigilance during tough times. While it can cause panic to lose a resident or deal with an empty property during a crisis, relaxing your guard and your screening protocols will only create more problems. 



Build Lasting Relationships | Salt Lake City Property Management Tips

Your tenants are more than "just" a paycheck. When landlords build lasting tenant relationships—before a crisis, during a crisis, and beyond—you can boost your income and reduce the amount of turnover you experience from your Salt Lake City ...


Communication Is Crucial! | Salt Lake City Property Management Tips

When a disaster strikes, everyone looks for information about what's happening, what to do, and how to find help. As a landlord, it's your job to maintain the lines of communications with tenants during disasters—even if you're still piecing your...


Maintenance While Distancing | Salt Lake City Property Management Tips

Many Utah counties continue to operate in the yellow low-risk phase of Coronavirus recovery, and that's excellent news for rental property owners! Now that we've experienced the change to rental property protocols as a result of COVID-19 and...