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Should You Hire a Property Manager?

Salt Lake City investors who own one rental property or have plans to build a significant portfolio share the same goal: to generate as much long-term passive income from their real estate as they can! While rental properties can put some profit...


Key Marketing Benefits of Hiring a Property Manager

Marketing rental properties while investing from out of state can be challenging. Even if you're local to your Salt Lake rentals, an ineffective marketing strategy leaves you with empty properties and lost income. 

Most investors think of rent...



Is there such a thing as too much rehab? Plain and simple, YES!

As a landlord and an investor, hiring a Salt Lake property management company to help you manage your real estate dealings, especially rehabilitation, while also trying to provide...


Renters Insurance and Your Rentals: Salt Lake Property Management Tips

When it comes to the topic of renters insurance, few investors in the Salt Lake area realize that it's a benefit to both renters and Salt Lake rental property owners.

Utah law does not mandate that renters are required to be insured. However,...


Out-of-State Real Estate: Salt Lake Property Management Insight

Growing a successful real estate portfolio can be difficult when you're tied to one rental market. Your hometown rental inventory might have been an excellent start to your real estate investing plan—but what happens when things slow down? 



'When Should I Hire Salt Lake City Property Management?'

Living the dream in Salt Lake City, Utah, is better when you have time to relax while your income grows. Is that even possible as a rental property owner?

We can confirm that it is possible—with the right help. Owning rental properties doesn't...


Investment Strategies From Salt Lake City Property Management

Every successful real estate investor in the Salt Lake area must rely on solid strategies to sustain profits over time. When you choose Salt Lake City residential real estate to build your long-term wealth, you play the long game to achieve your...


Manage a Growing Portfolio With Salt Lake City Property Management

Your portfolio is growing, and that's exciting. More rental properties in the Salt Lake City area mean more money, and each new property gets you one step closer to your long-term financial goals. 

How are you handling the additional work?


Salt Lake City Property Management Tips for a Successful Portfolio

As a real estate investor in the Salt Lake City area, you likely want to add more properties to your real estate portfolio if you intend to grow.

  • How do you get started?
  • Is it as simple as buying Salt Lake City homes for sale and finding someone...


Salt Lake City Property Management Tips to Grow Your Portfolio

Having more investment properties in the Salt Lake City area means you can generate more passive income— but the income is only 'passive' if you aren't doing the work to generate it! 

Growing a real estate investment portfolio happens when...