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Property Management Blog

How Logan UT Property Management Handles Inspections to Protect Rentals

Do you routinely inspect your rental properties? If not, your rentals are at risk of damage and falling into disrepair. Consistent inspections are one of the best ways to keep an eye out for potential maintenance issues, lower maintenance costs,...


Managing Expenses for Tax Time With the Help of a Salt Lake Property Management Company

Property owners in Salt Lake have a lot to keep in mind when it comes to managing their rental real estate. They need to be thinking about their rental clients, upkeep of the property, and, yes, even taxes. Federal tax responsibilities are...


Common DIY Landlord Mistakes Logan Utah Management Companies Want You to Avoid

Being a landlord often means doing multiple jobs, from collecting rent to ensuring that everything in your building is up to code to advertising open apartments. With so much responsibility, it is no wonder that many landlords and property owners...


Dealing With Difficult Renters

No matter how well you screen your renters, eventually, you'll deal with a difficult renter situation. A thorough screening process helps investors avoid most bad renters and expensive resident problems. However, sometimes a positive renter...


Choosing the Right Logan, UT Property Management Company

Are you thinking of becoming a rental property investor? If you're moving and want to rent out your spare home in Logan, Utah, or you're thinking about buying an investment property, you're embarking on one of the best ways to build additional...