Rental Property Maintenance

Updated May 31, 2022.

Providing excellent maintenance services for residents is a critical way to encourage them to stay—but what does “excellent” maintenance really involve? You might be handy with some power tools and able to handle a variety of maintenance issues. However, many Salt Lake renters look for top-of-the-line maintenance services when choosing a new rental home or deciding to renew for another term.

Building lasting renter relationships includes a priority and focus on maintenance! Poor maintenance service is one of the most common reasons why residents move out. If you struggle to keep good residents, it’s time to review your maintenance practices and make some adjustments.

Excellent property maintenance is a year-round job! Here’s what property investors can learn about maintenance from the experts in property management.

Please note: This article is not intended as a substitute for the great legal advice of a skilled attorney. It’s designed to help property owners get a better understanding of property maintenance. If you need direct legal counsel, reach out to your allies at Reeder Asset Management! 

Beautiful young repairwoman with toolbelt and crossed arms looking at cameraProtect Your Property and Residents

Choosing a professional contractor for a property’s bigger maintenance repairs is a smart decision. Attempting a significant plumbing fix or electrical job could be dangerous to do on your own.

However, property investors have to be selective when allowing contractors to work inside your property. The cheapest plumber might save you some money on the initial repair, but can you trust them inside your investment property? Will they be back again in a few days to fix the same thing again?

Smart investors only allow approved contractors into their properties. Taking the time to vet vendors is crucial to protect your property and make sure residents are safe when allowing a worker inside the home. Reliable vendors:

  • Have liability insurance and required licensing to perform the work
  • Understand building codes and permits
  • Pass a background check
  • Charge fair pricing.

Property investors can be liable if a maintenance worker breaks a resident’s property, steals something, or behaves inappropriately while conducting work in your property. Do your due diligence and develop a list of trusted vendors for all maintenance work!

If you don’t have time to draft your own list of reliable repair pros, it’s time to turn to the property management experts at Reeder Asset Management!

Don’t Test Your Skills

  • Your rental property is not the place to try and fix something on your own if it’s outside your skill level.
  • Residents don’t have the patience to deal with the same issue breaking over and over again.
  • You also don’t want to risk an unsafe repair or hurt yourself while trying to save a few dollars on a DIY fix.

Be honest with yourself about what can (and should) allow yourself to handle when it’s time for routine maintenance or an emergency repair. Your property and your residents are worth it to step aside, put the wrench down, and call a professional to make a quality repair.

Doing Maintenance on Home Smoke DectectorCurate a Go-To List

Your vetted list of approved vendors is essential to protect your investments, and you’ll benefit greatly if your list includes a vendor for everything you need for full-property, year-round maintenance.

If one handyman can’t do it all, curate a list of plumbers, electricians, roofers, flooring experts, and painters to call on at a moment’s notice. You can pre-schedule these vendors for routine maintenance. When a resident calls with an after-hours emergency, you have a list of options to make sure an approved vendor handles the work.

In many cases, developing business partnerships with a network of maintenance contractors helps you save money and build your reputation as an experienced rental property owner in Salt Lake!

If you wish to save some additional time in developing this list for yourself, you can always trust the skilled property management experts at Reeder Asset Management to already have this in hand.

Save Time and Money—Without Sacrificing Quality

It’s tempting to use maintenance as an area to save money when operating rental properties. Delaying routine maintenance or a needed repair can seem like a good way to manage cash flow, but you could be setting up your property for a significant maintenance issue and a costly repair.

Navigating routine maintenance, vendors, and resident requests can feel like a time-consuming aspect of being a successful investor—and it is! It takes time and attention to priority your maintenance services to the level that sets you apart from the competition in the Salt Lake area. However, you don’t have to do it on your own!

Your property manager at Reeder Asset Management has the vetted vendors you need to take care of every maintenance need for you and your renters. Prompt repairs and preventative maintenance helps investors save money and improve their bottom lines.

Prioritize Property Maintenance With Property Management

Put the hammer down and tuck your vendor list away! Retain more residents and protect your investments when you leave the property maintenance to professional property management. 

The Reeder Asset Management team knows the priority that renters place on a well-maintained rental home and responsive maintenance staff. We’ve honed our skills and insights through many years of owning and managing rentals! Let us help you boost your level of service with our maintenance expertise and 24/7 availability. Contact us for a free consultation!


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