Long Distance Investing—Growing a Portfolio in Another State

How’s the inventory where you live? Starting as a real estate investor by purchasing local properties is smart. But sometimes building a successful portfolio requires expanding to markets outside of your hometown. Have you ever wondered what else is out there?

Salt Lake City investors already know about the many benefits of owning rental properties in this market. Local investors also understand the perks of buying properties in other hot markets throughout the country. If you’re thinking about investing from out-of-state, make sure you have a plan and the right local resources to support your portfolio growth when you’re not nearby.

What should investors consider for success in long-distance investing? Check out our expert Salt Lake City property management tips to take advantage of real estate in another state!

Surreal photographerThere’s No Place Like Home (But Success Can Be Anywhere)

Hot markets are hot markets. Rental properties don’t discriminate between local investors or property owners who purchase from out of state. If you think a booming rental market is out of reach for your portfolio simply because you don’t live there, it’s time to change your mind!

Markets fluctuate from time to time and from city to city. If your local market is stagnant or low on inventory, there’s no reason you can’t continue adding to your portfolio with properties from an outside market. Investing out of state also doesn’t mean you have to give up your local investments or stop growing at home!

Adding new rental properties from multiple strong markets (like Salt Lake City) is a fantastic way to build more long-term wealth from real estate investing. However, make sure you have a smart strategy and do the research before jumping into a new market.

Research Before You Leap

Sometimes investors must move quickly to maximize opportunities in a hot market. Inventory prices could deplete the availability of new investment properties quickly. Without taking quick action, investors can miss the market while it’s hot.

However, without the right research, grabbing any property in a booming market can be a bad idea. Just like you apply market research to potential properties in your hometown, it’s critical to conduct in-depth market research before leaping into a new market out of state.

How can investors find the resources they need when they don’t live in the market? You can’t drive by a property, and you might not have access to specific resources if you’re not a resident. When considering our market, a local Salt Lake City property management company can help!

Investors must understand:

  • The market and what renters look for
  • Average rental prices, vacancy rates, and property expenses
  • Local renovation costs and how to budget to generate a profit
  • City and state laws to operate legal rental homes

Partnering with the best local experts can get you the access you need to critical research. Let a property manager help you find good potential properties and run the numbers for you! When they understand your goals, a property manager can help you move quickly to add profitable properties to your portfolio from out of state!

Agent with house model and keysChoose Local Help to Manage Properties and Renters

Who runs your properties when you don’t live near your long-distance rentals? Unless you plan to make frequent trips to Salt Lake City, out-of-state investors will struggle to keep up with property inspections and maintenance, rent collection, and renter placement.

Choosing a local property management expert benefits investors when growing a portfolio in another state. We are your “boots on the ground” to handle every property repair, routine maintenance, resident screening, and leasing task. A local property manager also keeps you informed about your properties, makes upgrade recommendations to appeal to local renters and boost your income, and stays up to date on competitive pricing.

It’s difficult to become an expert about every market where you invest. Having local experts to do the work, you don’t have to worry about learning everything a market requires for your success!

Hands-Off and Worry-Free

Generating more passive income is an excellent way to build more long-term wealth and secure your future. However, investing in real estate as a long-distance property owner shouldn’t add more stress to your life.

When investing here, it’s critical to choose the best Salt Lake City property management team to deliver a worry-free, frustration-free, and hands-off investing experience. Confidently grow your portfolio from out-of-state when you trust the best expert property managers to care for your rentals and renters!

Partner With a Property Manager For Long-Distance Investing Success

Expanding into long-distance markets is an excellent way to stabilize your real estate investment portfolio and generate more long-term wealth! When choosing rental properties in this market, make sure you partner with the best Salt Lake City property management company to boost your success.

Let Reeder Asset Management help you find the best properties and manage them to meet your financial goals!

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Reeder Asset Management on February 18, 2021