Key Marketing Benefits of Hiring a Property Manager

Marketing rental properties while investing from out of state can be challenging. Even if you’re local to your Salt Lake rentals, an ineffective marketing strategy leaves you with empty properties and lost income.

Most investors think of rent collection and property maintenance when considering what a property manager can do for them. However, the best Salt Lake property management company does so much more than make sure renters pay the rent every month!

Finding the best quality residents is a significant part of developing a profitable real estate investment portfolio. Without the right marketing strategy, good renters can’t find your property and your property sits empty. If you’re dealing with a cycle of bad residents or long vacancy times, these key marketing benefits of hiring a property manager are exactly what you need.

Vast Renter Resources Reduce Vacancies

We know that an empty property means you lose money every day until we place a new renter. If you don’t have the right resources, starting a search for new residents means beginning with an empty bucket. However, when it’s time to find a new resident for your property, a property manager never starts from scratch! We already have names in our bucket.

The best property management team has resources that include lists of excellent rental prospects for your properties. Because we screen a large volume of potential renters throughout the year, we can start with potential renters who might be a good fit for your property based on our history and experience in the market.

Happy moving couple taking selfie on smartphone while wife holding keys from new houseIf we don’t already know someone who would be an excellent resident for you, we work quickly to get fresh prospects through new rental applications. Our expert marketing targets your ideal renters and moves them quickly through the screening process to reduce vacancy times (and lost income) for your Salt Lake rentals.

Our Professional Listings Stand Out

Have you scrolled a rental search website lately? It’s not hard to go cross-eyed when listings start to look alike or blend together because nothing stands out about the photos or text.

Investors can’t afford for their properties to blend into a mix of other available rentals in Salt Lake. To help the right renters find your properties, the listing must stand out and stop potential residents from scrolling by. However, without the experience of knowing what goes into a professional listing to capture the attention of renters, investors won’t reach a broad enough audience to find quality renters quickly.

An expert property manager knows exactly how to make your property rise and shine! Our rental listing expertise includes:

  • Professional photos that make your rental listing stand out and show off the property’s best features
  • Compelling text that informs while telling the story of your property
  • Access to major rental search websites for maximum listing exposure
  • Efficiency in setting the ideal rental price, compiling a listing and posting it to minimize downtime in your property

There’s no time to waste or mistakes to make when it’s time to find a new renter! Our expert Salt Lake property management team works quickly to show off your property online and attract excellent applicants.

Businessman considering a brainstorm for marketing

We Reduce Listing Costs

While we work hard to provide a customized solution for every investor, it also benefits each property owner to be one of the many clients we serve! The best Salt Lake property management company markets properties for many investors and large real estate investment portfolios. Our influence in the markets helps investors save money on things like maintenance and marketing costs.

Where individual property owners pay more for single listings, our high volume of listings across multiple properties means we get better pricing on your listings. More listings per month mean lower prices per listing. You might be able to list your rental on major rental search websites, but why pay more for that access when a property manager can do it for you for less?

Taking advantage of our Salt Lake networks and volume pricing breaks is a smart way to experience better rental property marketing while improving ROIs. Investors benefit from our listing site access, lower prices, and screening experience to make sure your property never experiences long vacancy times or poor-quality renters.

We Do More to Help Investors Benefit More

Did you realize that a Salt Lake property management team delivers professional marketing and lower costs? We’re more than the hands-on help investors need to find and manage renters, maintain properties, and collect the rent. Better income starts with a professional marketing approach when it’s time to find new renters, and the Reeder Asset Management team is the best in the business!

We know that dealing with an empty property is frustrating (and expensive) for real estate investors. Our professional marketing strategies helps investors maximize income while minimizing vacancy times. Learn how to find a frustration-free property manager with your free copy of “The Guide to Finding the Best Property Management Company in Northern Utah!

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Reeder Asset Management on February 26, 2021