Sell of Contract


I’m Kianna Nielsen, a property manager with Reeder Asset Management. Reeder Asset Management has offices in Logan, Ogden and Salt Lake City. Today, I’m here to talk to you about a sell of contract. Whether you need to move out of your rental because of another job opportunity located elsewhere, or because you simply need a bigger or smaller home, Reeder Asset Management offers a Sell of Contract.

A Sell of Contract is a form that is turned into Reeder notifying us that you will be moving out, prior to your lease end date. As the current tenant, you will be responsible for rent AND utilities until the end of your contract, or up until the day before we get it re-rented.

In the form, you will provide a forwarding address, the date you will be returning your keys to management, along with a $200 Certified Check or Money Order. This fee covers our costs to advertise online and complete showings of the apartment or home.

We also recommend that you advertise as well. Talk to your friends, co-workers, post it on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or even KSL. If you find someone that is interested, you can have them contact our office or complete an application online at

Once we have an approved applicant and a new lease is signed, Management will contact you by email to inform you of the day you can remove utilities out of your name and cease paying rent. Your deposit will be returned to you within 30 days upon the sale of your contract, meaning the date in which another tenant moves into your previous address.

If you would like to complete a Sell of Contract, stop by our office in Logan, Ogden or Salt Lake City for the form.

Thank you

Posted by: Reeder Asset Management on November 20, 2017