Talking Dirty with Trinda about Security Deposits

Trinda Hess, a property manager with Reeder Asset Management. Today I’m here to explain how you the tenant can get the most out of your security deposit.

Take a minute and put yourself in the owner’s shoes. I am sure you would want the property back in the same condition it was before the tenant moved in. So it goes without saying, that the owner does too. We are sensible to normal wear and tear. However, there are 10 commonly missed items that tend to get neglected.

10 Commonly Missed items at Move Out from an apartment:

  1. Blinds and windows including window tracks
  2. Baseboards
  3. Light fixtures both inside and out and getting all of the bugs out
  4. Tops of kitchen cabinets inside and out (under sink cabinets)
  5. All drawers
  6. Top of fridge, all sides (including walls), floor underneath and behind the fridge
  7. Behind, all sides (including walls) & floor underneath the oven
  8. base of toilet
  9. All air vents (intake vents as well)
  10. Sweeping inside of the garage and all patio areas and removing all debris/personal items from entire property.

Contrary to popular belief, it is your deposit not ours. Reeder Asset Management does not benefit from keeping your deposit.

When the property is not cleaned to our white glove standard, we then have to hire  professional housekeepers to come in and do the job accurately.

They can typically charge $25 per hour and this will typically average around 15 hours. 3 housekeepers with 5 hours of cleaning after the tenant has moved out.

This can add up to $400 of your security deposit. Your money now went to a cleaning company to compete the job you were required to do yourself.

When abuse or misuse caused damage, it is the tenants responsibility to pay for the repairs. Reeder is very reasonable in expecting and requiring the tenant to be clean.

We have a move out cleaning checklist each tenant receives upon their 30 day notice. If you apply that list with our white glove standard, it will greatly affect the outcome of your deposit.

Thank You

Reeder Asset Management


Posted by: Reeder Asset Management on October 4, 2017