Rental Property Winterization Newsletter

As we are approaching the end of September, it is time to perform our annual winterization for all of our properties. We will do a thorough check-up on central heating system, boiler, sprinkler systems and exterior water valves (if the valves are not already a frost free hose bib).

Included in the Annual Winterization Service:

  • Clean inside furnace and elements
  • Turn off water and drain evaporative coolers
  • Cover evaporative coolers (if covers are provided)
  • Disconnect hose lines to evaporative coolers
  • Cover hose bibs with insulated covers if they are not frost free (covers included in the price)
  • Turn off water to sprinkler system (blown out by 3rd party)
  • Clean furnace sensors and check operation
  • Replace furnace filters (filters included in the price no extra charge)
  • Check for leaks around water heater
  • Check for CO leaks
  • Check rain gutters and downspots
  • Grounds inspection

Note: This does not include boilers or sprinklers being blown. We have worked out a discount with an HVAC company to provide the winterization service on all boiler systems. Thus, Reeder will not do a winterization on a property that has a boiler system. We have also worked out sprinkler deal with a Lawncare company for blow outs which is $5.00/valve with a minimum charge of $40.00.

We will be performing all of the services, (including boiler & sprinkler blow out by third party) starting  in October.  Note Boilers check outs may happen prior to this if they are currently off depending on the weather.

Cost per unit

Single Family Home = $59.00; 2 - 6 units = $52.00; 6 -12 units = $49.00; 12 -16 units = $42.00; 16 -50 units = $39.00; 50+ units = $35.00

Note: Unit cost is based on number of furnaces or evaporative coolers.  For example, a triplex that runs off of one furnace will be counted as a single family residence.

Posted by: Reeder Asset Management on September 13, 2017