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Tenant Screening Tips to Help You Find the Best Resident for Your Ogden Rental Property

Screening Ogden tenants carefully is important because you want to make sure you’re getting the right tenants in your property. When someone applies to rent your property, there are several steps you can take to ensure you’re getting someone who will take good care of the property.

Landlord History

First and most important is getting a landlord history. This is crucial, and many Ogden owners overlook it. You want to find out if the prospective tenant has any evictions in the past, or caused excessive damages in their last home. Did they have a lot of late fees? Asking these questions will help you avoid putting the wrong person in your property. You’re looking for a reliable tenant who pays rent on time, takes care of the property, and has pride in living there.

Income Requirements

Second, you want to be sure they can afford the rent. A lot of times, people apply without doing the math. They might apply for a place based on the look of it and if they like it. They don’t necessarily think about whether they can afford it. You need to do your own homework and make sure you’re renting to someone who will be able to pay for it. Most Ogden landlords require an applicant to earn three times the monthly rent amount. We go a little further and do a debt to income ratio when we’re deciding whether to approve an applicant.

Criminal Background Check

Always look at an applicant’s criminal history. You don’t want to see any excessive criminal charges or felonies that may cause issues with your neighbors or result in property damage.

Credit Report

Part of your screening process should include a credit report. Make sure the applicant has paid past creditors on time. There shouldn’t be any excessive past due bills or collection activity. These things will ensure you get the right person in the property.

The most crucial aspects of your tenant screening are rental history, income, and your credit and criminal reports. If you have any questions about Ogden tenant screening or you’d like some professional help from an Ogden property management company, please contact us at Reeder Asset Management.

Posted by: Reeder Asset Management on August 24, 2017