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Insider Insight From a Salt Lake City Property Management Company

Every investment property owner—new or seasoned—can benefit from expert insight. Whether you're getting started as a new, ambitious real estate investor or you're building a significant portfolio in Salt Lake City, professional property...


Eviction? Turn to Insight From Property Management, Salt Lake City!

Understanding when and how to evict a renter is difficult during normal rental property circumstances. When unusual circumstances change the rules or force delays in using evictions to remove bad renters, property investors must navigate...


Property Management Companies, Salt Lake City, Are a Smart Investment

Are you thinking of working with a Salt Lake City property management company? DIY real estate investors often wonder if property management is a good investment to support their long-term wealth. 

The reality is, if you want ongoing success to...


Choosing the Right Logan, UT Property Management Company

Are you thinking of becoming a rental property investor? If you're moving and want to rent out your spare home in Logan, Utah, or you're thinking about buying an investment property, you're embarking on one of the best ways to build additional...


Pets: A Pro—or Con? | Salt Lake City Property Management Tips

As a Utah property owner, there are pros and cons to allowing your renters to keep pets. On one hand, pets are adorable—and they make everybody happy. On the other hand, they might eat your woodwork and dig holes in your yard. What's a Salt Lake...


Seasonal Maintenance Matters | Salt Lake City Property Management Tips

Owning a Utah property is hard work! Rent collection, screening renters, performing inspections, scrambling to fill vacant units—it can take up a lot of your time and precious energy. Often, the most time-consuming part of being a Salt Lake City...


Taking Better Listing Photos | Salt Lake City Property Management Tips

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but when it comes to marketing your rental property, it's worth a lot more than that! Great photography can make the difference between a listing that languishes for months and one that gets flooded with...


Setting a Rental Rate | Salt Lake City Property Management Tips

You have to make a lot of decisions as a Salt Lake City property owner ('How do I correctly screen people with disabilities? Do I need to update how I handle rent collection?'), but few affect your business more directly than deciding how much to...


The Salt Lake City Property Management Guide to Tenant Screening

Being the owner of a Salt Lake City property comes with responsibilities that you may not have expected—and screening your future renters is nobody's favorite part of the job. Still, selecting the right resident is essential to the continued...


Guide to Property Inspections | Salt Lake Property Management Tips

If you thought your job as a rental property owner got easier after you moved a renter in your Salt Lake property, we hate to be the bearer of bad news! Keeping an eye on your Salt Lake City rental property is a year-round task. 

Choosing quality...