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Property Management Professionals: Tips to Protect from Natural Disasters

Finding the ideal property investment is only part of the strategy for success. Several factors go into the ideal property investment, whether it's finding the right neighborhood, the best house, the right lot, or excellent amenities. Sometimes it...


What's the #1 Contributing Factor to A Positive Rental Property ROI?

Property investments are a great way to bring in some extra cash. Some investors are discovering that, if done right, they can make rental properties their main line of business. 

One vital element that property investors need to do is to be sure...


Expect to Inspect: Critical Property Management Services for Success

One top priority of a rental property investor is to save money and maximize ROI. So whether it's by finding great deals on properties or discovering ways to get the most out of upgrades, investors must look for ways to increase ROI



How to Find a Property With Investment Property Management Insights

Looking for a new investment property to build your portfolio requires multiple insights to analyze and select a profitable rental! When diving into a new investment property management endeavor, finding rental properties that help you generate...


5 Reasons Why Owning a Cache Valley Rental Property Is Worth It In 2022

With the uncertainty in the real estate market today, many business owners and investors may wonder what move to make next to optimize ROI on their rental properties. They may be wondering if they should continue to invest in more rentals, sell what...


Salt Lake City Property Management Tips to Maximize Lease Renewals

Many factors can impact what happens at lease renewal, including the economy and inflation. For property investors, cost-of-living challenges for renters can affect the return on investment (ROI) when residents struggle to keep up with rising rent...


How Listings and Vacancies Impact Salt Lake City Rental Property ROI

Most property investors agree that searching for the ideal property is an important task, but one that isn't always easy. There are plenty of factors to consider when choosing an investment property, with some being more obvious than others. 



Optimizing Rental Property ROI in 2022 [Draper Property Management]

Renting out a property to others has become a lucrative way to make a nearly-passive income. However, any good investment requires prior research, which is why property owners need to understand the current state of the rental market. You will also...


Why Tenant Screening Is Critical for Roy Rental Property Success

Managing a rental property allows property owners to enjoy passive monthly income as an additional way to make money. However, that revenue could be in jeopardy when skipping a tenant screening process before allowing new renters to move in!



Does Future Development Impact Rental Property Returns?

To achieve the desired ROI, property owners need to analyze the impact of new developments on existing or potential rentals. 

Future developments could change the character of the neighborhood, affecting both current and potential tenants and your...